I Stopped Exfoliating My Skin And It's The Best It's Ever Been... Here's Why

Exfoliating= Baby Soft Smooth Skin............OR DOES IT???

I see scrubs littered all over social media with these girls scrubbing their skin really hard to get that smooth soft skin and I cringe every time and always wondered if ever their skin was badly irritated or suffered from really bad pimples days after!. 

When you over exfoliate your skin can feel dry, which gives you that tightening feeling, it then becomes irritated, blemishes flair up  and your skin breaks out. Skin can break out after an exfoliation treatment due to micro tears in the skin that become infected thus causing a pimple. Over exfoliation can cause your natural skin barrier to be disrupted and grow vulnerable to bacteria and acne.

In the US, a class-action lawsuit has been brought against St Ives Apricot Scrub, (sold in Australia as "Blemish Control Apricot Scrub") and the company that makes it, Unilever. The Apricot Scrub is designed to slough away "dullness" and pimples, leaving skin, "glowing" according to its website.

Yet two women are alleging that the wash "leads to long-term skin damage" and "is not fit to be sold as a facial scrub". The accusations are based on the main ingredient in the scrub, crushed walnut shell, which, they allege, is so harsh, it causes micro-tears in their skin.

On the other hand pimples and acne can also be genetics or just a bad diet.

I always followed the rules of cleansing & moisturising morning and night then exfoliating twice a week or when I remembered too. I had always suffered from pimples/acne and irritated skin partly due to genetics. I have always had a clean diet so didn't think it was a problem. One day I was so sick of trying new products I decided to do some research to find out what was making my skin break out and irritated. I tried everything from AHA to BHA's to shells to beads but it was a vicious cycle of irritated and pimply skin. Some people might say  "You just scrubbed to hard" or "You used the wrong product".  And NO I didn't scrub to hard and trust me I tried EVERYTHING!

I cut down on the products I was using to see if there was certain ingredients that caused the problems and found a few that were contributing to my break outs. That helped but still found I was getting those large pimples that would sit under the skin and take forever to get rid of. I was down to the basics but found very little improvement in my skin.

So I changed my cleanser and also stopped exfoliating. Yep you heard right I don't exfoliate ANYMORE! But my Skin is SOOOOOO much better. Sure I still get the same hormonal break out once a month but my skin is far from irritated and I don't get those big pimples like I use to. 

Now I don't bother with any Lactic acids or exfoliates because they are too harsh and end up doing more damage to my skin. If I want to give my pores a clean out I just go about my usual daily routine followed by a clay mask twice a week to help give my pores a deep clean and In between I will use a $2 face washer to gently wipe over my face as it helps to loosen dead skin cells without taking the natural barrier of protection off my skin. Your skin naturally sloughs it's own skin anyway but sometimes it just needs a little help to make sure it doesn't get trapped in your pores.

 Skin.. it's fickel but it's about finding what works for your skin. Some Facials and exfoliates are great and will work for some people other times it's just best to steer clear.



  • Posted by Leveda on

    I have been exfoliating a lot lot (about everyday or every other day) these last 2 years due to working in poor environmental conditions and I’ve had a flare up of really bad eczema that has turned into sehborric dermatitis ( not sure if I’m spelling that right) that will not heal all the way. It’s left scars and has been going on now for over a year. Do you think it could be from exfoliating too much? Also, do you have any suggestions on what to use to heal it? Thank you for the blog

  • Posted by Anne on

    Hi Leveda,
    I believe over exfoliating can irritate to the skin especially if harsh exfoliates are used. What products are you using? A clay mask is good at helping draw out the impurities and cleansing the pores. If you are working in an environment that has alot of pollution try using a mask up to 3 times a week. I would sugguest using our Nature’s Glow mask as it won’t dry the skin out but will still cleanse the pores and help with the scars. Although I would wait till your skin has calmed down. There might also be the possibility that the environment you are working is causing the eczema.

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