Can't Decide Which Clay Mask is best for your skin?

Pore Detox:
Is a mask for heavy duty make up lovers that need to give there skin a good detox on a regular basis. Some make up brands can be difficult to remove thus leaving some behind to clog our pores & manifest into pimples. The Witch Hazel helps to kill the bacteria in our pores that cause pimples and White Willow Bark tightens the pores making it harder for bacteria to enter leaving your skin fresh and clean.
Cleansing mask:
Is a more gentle mask for light make up wearers that just need to freshen and help keep pimples at bay. The Aloe Vera and Lavender help with inflammation and calm any mild skin irritations. It also contains Rosehip which is great for improving skin tone, texture and pigmentation.
Nature's Glow Mineral Mask: 
Combats dark spots or blemishes. It's the Bearberry that contains a natural compound called arbutin that is said to be quite powerful at fading unwanted dark spots and blemishes. The Pomegranate, Bearberry and Cranberry are high in antioxidants that will brighten, repair and regenerate your skin. It stimulates collagen to support regeneration in damaged and aging skin. 
Ageless Mineral Mask:
Contains Got
u Kola which is an amazing ingredient that helps reduce and stops fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. Marshmallow root contains mucilage, which has intensive hydrating, softening and balancing properties so it's great for keeping your skin hydrated. Ginseng works by toning and keeping your skin bright.
Oil Control:
In our Australian heat most of us suffer with an over active sebum production, which isn't a bad thing but can make us look to shiny were we don't need that extra highlighting. Rosemary and Licorice root help to keep oil production in control.
All our masks are made using 100 % natural ingredients with raw clay and botanical extracts that have been carefully dried and ground down to a fine powder, so there is no need for us to use fillers or preservatives. They do have an earthy scent and are not masked by fragrances that can cause more irritation to our skin.  Use one mask or try different ones for added benefits. 

We would love to hear your feedback and we look forward to seeing your results.

Image via Pinterest- Kate Bosworth

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